Residential Projects

VECO Engineers has been helping Developers, Contractors and Homeowners with residential additions, renovations and new home designs. We are focused on designing efficient code compliance systems to your project. VECO Engineers expertise extends beyond the following:

  • Veco Engineers

Mechanical Design

  • Building Load Calculations Report (Manual-J)
  • HVAC Unit Selection Report (Manual-S)
  • Energy code compliance check
  • Ductwork design and sizing
  • Code compliance mechanical design

Plumbing Design

  • Domestic Water service calculation.
  • Domestic Water piping layout, sizing and riser diagram.
  • Sprinkler Service design per NFPA 13R and local codes
  • Sewer and Storm system design with layout, sizing and riser diagram.
  • Natural Gas and Propane Gas piping design which entails distribution, sizing and riser diagram.
  • Code compliance plumbing design

Electrical Design

  • Electrical utility service size calculation.
  • Power distribution and lighting layout.
  • Panel schedules and power riser diagram.
  • Equipment power connection and power relocation.
  • Generator specification and installation.
  • Code compliance electrical design.


Commercial Projects and Other Markets

Specialty and Other Service