Steve MottaghiSteve Mottaghi
19:13 15 Sep 22
I worked with VECO Engineers on two projects and was extremely happy. I will certainly work with them again and would highly recommend them. They were extremely professional, honest, timely and fairly priced.
Andrew HarnikAndrew Harnik
19:07 23 Feb 22
Hiring Rafael for our project was one of the best decisions we made.After much planning, saving and research, my wife and I decided to take on a full home renovation. This being our first whole home project, we made our share of mistakes and ran into plenty of pitfalls. I can tell you that Rafael wasn’t one of them. Far from it, he turned out to be one of the best people we found, and one of the rare positive experiences throughout our project.Rafael set expectations with us early, laying out in detail his pricing, which we found to be fair and straightforward. He stuck to that pricing even as the work he was required to complete continued for some time due to revisions required by DCRA. During the permit process I made a mistake and had to hire him to perform more work for us and he was even kind enough to give us a small break on his pricing for this extra work despite the fact that it was my error.Rafael completed his work on time and responded to our questions, concerns, and change requests in a timely manner. He responded directly with DCRA, joined zoom meetings, group phone calls, team emails, and was even a strong advocate on our behalf when other contractors were not living up to expectations. In all our interactions with Rafael he always treated me and my wife with respect and patience.Rafael even managed to respond to requests to update his drawings while he was dealing with a personal family emergency abroad. That was above and beyond what was expected of him but so appreciated by my wife and I and really made a difference moving our project’s permitting process along.Rafael is a MEP who went well beyond our expectations time and again and we are so grateful for him and the work he provided. There are many frustrating experiences that I have heard about and experienced first hand in the building industry. Rafael runs counter to that. Working with him felt like a breath of fresh air during the most frustrating of times. He is someone who works hard, delivers great results, and helped us immeasurably. We are grateful we found him. I encourage you to hire him for your project.Sincerely,Andrew Harnik
Christopher BrunellChristopher Brunell
20:29 25 Oct 19
We had a very positive experience working with Rafael on our project. His detailed knowledge of code compliance, electrical and HVAC was extremely valuable during our building process. Great customer service, professional attitude and quick response time. I look forward to working with Veco again in the future.
Margaret CarrollMargaret Carroll
02:52 20 Oct 18
Rafael is an experienced engineer who is super easy to work with. He has great ideas and insight to our jobs and always has creative ideas when problems arise. He is very professional and always meets deadlines. Rafael understands code compliance in our area and is prompt to communicate via email or text. I have worked on 3 commercial projects with Rafael and hope to do many more with him.
Fiona ElliottFiona Elliott
22:30 18 Oct 18
I had the most pleasant, professional and personal experience working directly with Rafael. Even when his portion of the work was complete he would check in to see how my project was moving along, at times offering sincere words of encouragement. It can be difficult to find people who really care and as a new small business owner, those extra steps meant a great deal! Thanks so much!